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15 November 2015

Esmee’s Story: “Once again I knew…

I was riding the bus with my boyfriend when a huge group of teenage boys got on, they were insanely loud but I tried to ignore it. I got off the bus and I went to the metro by myself. I was waiting for the metro to arrive when the same group of kids appear, they're even more aggressive this time, punching and tackling each other and shoving themselves into…
16 August 2015

RAD’s Story: “I was shocked and…

I was dropping a young woman off at the metro station after a date late Friday night when two drunk men sitting on the curb by the entrance to the station began yelling at us. One of them shouted, "Oh My God look at her!" and something about "my woman". I was shocked and embarrassed. I didn't say anything: we just walked past and into the metro station so the…
24 January 2015

Kari’s Stories: “I get stared at,…

I have so many stories to share about being harassed in Montréal. It's truly sad for me that I have to feel like I have to walk down the street with a miserable look on my face, always on the defense, hoping that it will ward off any unwanted advances. In St-Henri, in the middle of the day, I've been yelled at by a man waving a 20$ bill, "Veux-tu…


New Volunteers/Nouvelles volontaires

Hollaback MTL is seeking new volunteers to run operations. If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected] Hollaback MTL recherche actuellement de nouvelles/nouveaux volontaires pour gérer leurs opérations. Si vous êtes intéressées/intéressés, contactez-nous à [email protected] This post is also available in: French

Jessica’s Story: “I felt someone grab my ass”

It was a Saturday night and I was on my way to meet up with my boyfriend after the hockey game. I had just gotten out of the metro when an older man, maybe mid-forties, stopped me and asked where Ste-Catherine street was. I pointed him in the right direction, even though it was fairly … Continued

Catherine’s Sotry: On Bike Harassment

I was coming home from a lovely evening with a friend last night, riding my bike west-ward on Ontario towards the deMaisonneuve bike-path and I was waiting at the red light right in front of Katacombes. So i’m sitting on my bike, and this entitled DICK-BRAIN LOSER casually walks by me and gropes my ass, … Continued