Kari’s Stories: “I get stared at, followed or yelled at”

I have so many stories to share about being harassed in Montréal. It’s truly sad for me that I have to feel like I have to walk down the street with a miserable look on my face, always on the defense, hoping that it will ward off any unwanted advances. In St-Henri, in the middle of the day, I’ve been yelled at by a man waving a 20$ bill, “Veux-tu me faire une pipe bébé?” in broad daylight just outside of the grocery store. Which he then followed me to and eventually pulled away as I went to hide inside. I’ve had drunk men grab my butt while waiting in line at the Belle Province on St-Laurent. Now, I live near Metro Parc and even though it’s the closest metro to me, I try to avoid it whenever possible. Two out of every three times I’ve been in or near that metro, I get stared at, followed, or yelled at. Today, I was trying to make a phone call from the upper part of the metro when a man yelled, “Hey, vous êtes une très jolie femme madame!” Without even looking his direction, I wanted to get away from him so I started walking down the escalator to get and to my dismay, he started following me down. “Hey, je vous ai dit que vous êtes une très jolie femme. Hey! Répondez-moi!” When I got off the escalator and realized that he was still coming down behind me, I actually started to panic when I thought he might come up to me. I turned to give him an angry look, as if to say “Stop following me” and he ends with, “Okay alors, je voulais seulement que vous le sachiez. C’est vrai que vous êtes jolie!” (I was wearing a winter coat practically down to my ankles and a hat!)