Esmee’s Story: “Once again I knew I was powerless”

I was riding the bus with my boyfriend when a huge group of teenage boys got on, they were insanely loud but I tried to ignore it. I got off the bus and I went to the metro by myself. I was waiting for the metro to arrive when the same group of kids appear, they’re even more aggressive this time, punching and tackling each other and shoving themselves into other people’s space, especially women’s (including myself). At one point I was completely surrounded by them as they were screaming and flailing around, violating my personal space, but I couldn’t do anything about it because there were 10 of them and one of me. Then another woman walked by, they gathered around her and leered at her as she passed, she looked so uncomfortable and nervous. As soon as she got a couple feet away all of the boys start shrieking at her, screaming “luscious” and other objectifying things. I was furious, once again I knew I was powerless. I’m an adult woman, and I couldn’t defend myself or another woman against a group of kids; that’s how violent and disgusting gender imbalance has become. I honestly don’t know what to do if something like this happens again.