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Caroline’s Story: “Are you eighteen?”

While I was waiting outside for a lift, someone came, and decided to talk to me. His first words to me were: “Are you eighteen?” It didn’t improve from there. Once he had discovered that having sex with me was technically legal, he asked me several other questions of the same, none-of-your-business, sort, that heavily … Continued

Annick’s Story: ”Hey! Nice body!”

A few weeks ago, I was working the night shift at a shop. Sometime between 11 pm and midnight, I start cleaning up the terrasse, locking up the chairs. Two drunk men walk past the terrasse and yell up at me “Hey! Nice body!” I whirl around and, insulted, I spit out: “That’s offensive.” They … Continued

Vero’s Story: “You got a pretty face too”

In NDG, Wilson near Sherbrooke on Weds Aug 20 around 10 pm, a guy gets out of his car and says something about my ass as I walk by. I ignore him, he continues. I whirl around “What did you say to me?” He replies “Damn girl, you got it going on!” I tell him … Continued

Simone’s Story: ”Hey sweetheart, don’t trip over your bag!”

After missing the bus I was walking from Vendome, down De Maisonneuve, dragging a heavy, wheeled grocery bag behind me. There was a group of men gathered outside an auto shop (Automotion Collision Centre) that I was passing, as I walked by one of them yelled “Hey sweetheart don’t trip over your bag!”. I told … Continued