What is Hollaback

Who are we?

HollaBack MTL is part of a global network dedicated to bringing women and LGBTQ people’s stories of street harassment into the public eye. We provide a space for Montrealers to share their stories without being victims, and we work with various organizations in Montreal in the hope of combatting the attitudes that lead to this behaviour and the outdated cultural norms that some say make it ‘okay.’

As spring approaches we brace ourselves in the face of a sure increase in public harassment. The warmth of spring has us happily shedding layers of clothes to feel the sun’s glorious rays on our skin again; has us fixing up our bikes to get back on the streets – unfortunately this coincides with harassers creeping out of hibernation, or so it seems to many of us. So in addition to an overall renaissance of iHollaback Montréal, we are planning a bunch of really great projects and collaborations for you this spring. Right now we are getting organized and reaching out to groups and individuals to renew our local network. We are also drafting awareness-raising campaigns to denounce harassment within public transportation spaces and at clubs and bars. Keep an eye on our upcoming projects here.

 CONTACT – [email protected]

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